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I am constantly looking for information and photo's of the original Easyroller / Freedom machine Vans. Pease feel free to email me with any pictures / articles or information you may have.


The Meeting of the Legend...(cough)

So, here i was doing up this little beddie when one day (sounds like the beginning of a nursey rhyme) while driving i spot a bright orange Mercedes Vito van covered from top to bottom in vinyl wrap advertising a company called Race Paint / Fleeting Image, i jotted down the number, which wasn't easy because the driver of the van was like a maniac on speed! It was a coincedence coming accross this van because at the time i had been thinking of having my workvan signwritten and this looked like the perfect solution. 


After calling the number i made an appointment to discuss the ins and outs of the wrap and while talking with the owner i happened to mention that i was restoring an old beddie to use on the bash, well buga me - he then proceeds to tell me that in his younger days he owned a company called Vancraft in Dandenong and he was commissioned by Coca Cola and 3XY to design and build the Easyroller for their competition. John, as it turns out was one of the pioneers of the vanning movement and was responsible for many of the show vans seen around in the day - doesn't hurt to be a F**n good airbrush artist either does it Jonny? John had aslo done many Variety Bash cars in his day and said he had always wanted to go on a bash - so right there it was decided he should come along and i am very chuffed to say that since that initial meeting John has become one of my closest mates - oh yeah he was the maniac driver in the Vito!


It should be noted to save confusion that the Variety Beddie is a totally different animal to the Easy Roller MK2 - i have added an extra page for the Variety Beddie which you will find in the navigation menu on the left. After we had done a couple of bashes i found and purchased the little white Beddie which is what the Easy Roller MK2 story is all about.......read on








My good mate Johnny  aka 'The Legend'  doing what he does best!