Further Information


I am constantly looking for information and photo's of the original Easyroller / Freedom machine Vans. Pease feel free to email me with any pictures / articles or information you may have.



For everything you need to know about Bedfords, a group of Guys and Gals keeping the bedford dream alive - If Bedfords were still being made today, this is where GMH would go to learn more about their own product




The Definative Aussie Panel Van Collection:

This is a rocking Facebook page that is growing daily, featuring many long lost Panel Vans as well as some very sweet Vans currently doing the rounds. It's a must see.



Aussie Panel Van Lovers:

Another site i have stumbled accross which appears to show a lot of vans from the day - i haven't had a real good look as yet but it seems to be one worth keeping an eye on.