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I am constantly looking for information and photo's of the original Easyroller / Freedom machine Vans. Pease feel free to email me with any pictures / articles or information you may have.


The Story of the Variety Bash Beddie

Work began on the transition of the once faded blue rusty ol beddy and she soon blossomed into what we affectionatly now know as 'The Magic Bus'. Like everything John does, he does it 200% and the work that went into this house brick on wheels was simply amazing. Although we were dogged with problems on our first ever bash - for example:


1 All of our electrics fried on the way to the start point as our alternator decided to have a hissy fit, which sent our dual battery set up into WTF mode, resulting in both batteries blowing their lids and streaming clouds of battery acid all over our clothes and equipmet that was nicely nestled in the back. This did however happen right out the front of a pub - and who says God doesnt have a sense of humour? Now as luck would have it, an ex basher who was also an auto electritian happend to pass and offer his services - so after a quick tow into town, a few hours of 'tweaking' we were back on the road ready for the start the following morning. 


2 Day one - (yep, we hadn't even started yet when the electrics blew!) A tree decided it would fall onto our van while we were all - yes all bashers - were parked on the side of the road to (ironically) remove a fallen tree which was blocking the road. Not one other vehicle suffered so much as a leaf landing on their car, we however had one fall fair and square on the roof damaging both our (prop) surfboards, caving in the roof, denting the passenger guard and snapping our GPS navigation ariel......so this is what the Variety Bash is all about - and who says God doesnt have a sense of humour? (did i say that already)


 During the rebuild, the front crossmember was temporarily refitted with non high tensile bolts - they were supposed to be changed back but weren't - and as a result, in the middle of nowhere at 70k's on a dirt track the front end came un bolted - now that was a tad scary and it was only fitting that i should be the mug that was driving - coz i'm the idiot that forgot to change them back! An hour later - we're back on the dirt......


4 Then at some point, again in the depths of the outback we managed to chomp through the front brake hose which left us brakeless for 200+ km's - now that's exciting right there!!


But, after all the little beast endured, i am proud to say that on our very first bash, not only did we make it - but we were also awarded First Prize Overall for ecompasing the Spirit of the Bash.